1967 Jaguar XKE Restoration

This beautiful XKE was a wedding present, and was happily driven across Europe throughout the Owner’s honeymoon. The car was ultimately shipped back to the States, where London Auto performed routine maintenance throughout the years to keep this fantastic example of a rare Series-1.5 ’67 XKE running in top shape.

An unlucky meeting with the underside of a truck left the Jaguar totaled beyond recognition. The sentimental value was too high to let the car go, however, and it was brought from the scene of the accident to London to assess whether it was capable of being restored.

The ultimate restoration was a complete, frame-off project. The chassis required adjustment, and the entire body was stripped, with replacement panels being introduced where needed, and repainted with the original Emron paint. As a Series-1 bonnet was unavailable, we located a Series-2 bonnet and converted it over to the earlier model’s specifications.

The motor was destroyed in the accident, and a replacement was built and installed here at London Auto using a ’68 XKE powertrain to replace the rare ‘67’s triple SU configuration.

The car is still on the road today, and remains a superb example of the XKE model.